Monday, October 13, 2014

2014 Resort Season Ends!

      Where does the time go?  It seems like we were just rushing around getting the resort ready to open...and now we are rushing around getting the water turned off, lines blown out and everything closed up for the winter!
The pool cover is on for the winter...
New picnic tables are folded up and stored...
The last loads of cabin bedding are washed and bagged...
Whatever did I do before we had golf carts to haul all this to cabins?
We watched the stocking of walleyes in the lake this month...500# of walleyes, sizes ranging from 9 to a pound to 50 to a pound!  An exciting addition to the lake every other year!
My Blackduck quilting group came out in October and sewed for 4 days in cabin #12...
Jackie and her block of the month quilt...nearly finished!
Val & Bev with Val's block of the month quilt...ready for borders!
Jillian posing with the pumpkin bags we filled for the fall!
My recently finished retreat quilt, ready to be quilted!
Fall wall hanging, quilted and ready for binding...sewn many years ago!

Flannel quilt needs binding, but we got cold and had to use it!

Table runner kit from years ago...finally quilted and ready to bind...

Nativity wall hanging for church...needs binding!

Stained glass wall hanging to bind for church!
You can see I have plenty of sewing to keep me busy for awhile...and lots of new projects to begin this winter!  I won't lack for sewing ideas when the snow flies!

We also continue to watch the construction progress...every photo seems to make the house look bigger than the last photo!  What are we thinking?  I guess some big families will have plenty of room to spread out next summer...and we'll have room for our growing family whenever we retire!
And this just might be a sewing loft...some day!

 Shingling has started...that should be finished this week!  The doors will be put in should arrive this week and finish up the closing in of everything for the winter work!  Yes, it's big!

I also want to share a photo I took a year ago...a beautiful sunset...something I didn't notice until I saw the photo later was the reflection the sun had shown on the lake...the first photo is the photo I took...
And below is the photo shown upside down...a sign?  Perhaps...
Beauty, for sure!

So now we settle in for the end of the season...wait for the snow to fall...and make our list for the 2015 resort season...we already have lots of fun ideas to make your vacation the best ever!




Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Fall Arrives at Cedar Rapids Lodge!

      Fall comes early to northern Minnesota, but this year it seems to be coming slower than past years!  That's a good thing, because we all know what comes after the fall season!  We are not ready for snow!  I can't get enough of the fall colors...and they are not even at peak yet!

      September is a slower time of the year...guests are a little quieter, pool is closed, playground is empty, but fishing continues!  Lots of crappies, bass, northern and a few walleyes!  The best part of fall and September has to be the sunsets!  These pictures were taken last night...15 minutes apart...I just couldn't stop looking!  Just awesome!

      We had a very short visitor a week ago that is beginning to remember her visits each time...
She's the perfect height for the stools in the lodge...making faces!
If you give a little girl a taste of ice cream, she will remember where you got it and beg for more!
She thought she was so cool riding her own four wheeler!  She giggled!

      We had a guest last weekend who brought a catamarand and it provided some awesome photos on a beautiful fall day!

 This kid LOVES doing fish guts with his Papa...and he celebrated their last chore...

We look forward to some quieter time to do our own fishing, reading, spending more time with our kids and grandkids!
I look forward to sewing and crafting...
Need to make more of these for the silent auction at our resort conference...coming soon!

As the resort season winds down, the construction of our "retirement home"/reunion cabin/retreat center...continues...We won't lack for something to do...we love watching the progress!
Walls going up in the walk-out basement.

Floor trusses on...beautiful sunset too!

Flooring sheets are done...ladder shows where stairs will be...main level is next!

If your family is looking for a place to make might want to check out this family resort in northern Minnesota!  We love this resort life and look forward to the 2015 resort season...after we get a little rest this winter!

Your family needs to come!  It might be your first family vacation at a resort...but I guarantee you it won't be your last!

Happy Fall!
And the Lodgemaster gets time to fish!


Saturday, August 30, 2014

Summer at Cedar Rapids Lodge comes to an end!

      Where did the summer go?  All of a sudden it's Labor Day weekend...the last days for the pool...potlucks are over for the season...the last weekend for kids at the resort!
      It was an awesome summer for fishing...and continues into the fall...
Patsy's northern last week...

Her sister, Mem's big bass...both fish released!

Chris' giant northern last week...released!

Grandson, Calvin, and Grandpa the Great with their catch...consumed for dinner that night!

The candy counter supply is much smaller than this photo taken in June!  

We will miss all the decorated cabins...until next year!

With the resort season winding down...I find more time to...
Bake with this guy...
and his sister...
making blue muffins that don't last long on the plate!

I also will enjoy more time to play when grandkids visit...
Lucien couldn't wait to show me his missing teeth!

We treasure the grandkid pictures...
Youngest, Calli, had her first DQ cone...
And was very sad when it was done!  Can you see her tears?  Awww...

 I look forward to sewing and creating...

Samples of projects I hope to find time for this winter!

We continue the journey of building a home/cabin/reunion house/quilt retreat...
Lumber delivery yesterday...

Walkout basement and view of the lake!

We made our last batch of these...and they were a hit!
The resort dog, Wrigley, on her 10th birthday...she was upside down with excitement!

Thank you, Patsy, for sharing this beautiful sunrise last week...

And her sunset was equally beautiful!

In 2 days, we begin our 28th year at Cedar Rapids Lodge...where did the years go?  We treasure the memories and look forward to many more years at this beautiful piece of heaven!

Our first summer...1988...feeding the ducks...feels like yesterday!

It's not too early to plan your family vacation for 2015!  We are filling up fast!  Give us a call and come make your own memories!  

Happy Labor Day!